While genealogy research is a very big piece of the puzzle to defining a legacy, the story behind the research is one that is seldom told through family trees amd research reports.

Susan E King, an award winning media writer/producer and long time professional genealogist is launching a new service, one which will tandem research already performed, either by the client or for the client or as an adjunct to her research for clients. The final product is your story, produced as a short video that tells your story, through personal stories, family photos, historical information of both the times and the places.

These legacy services now available can include many different phases all of which can be performed turnkey or in stages as follows:

1. Research - as a world renown professional genealogist  in the industry today, Susan is available to work with clients to begin or expand your family story. If the research is already done, Susan can work with your existing family tree.

2. Documents and images - as a graphic artist and designer, Susan has been working with digital images since the early advent of the computer graphics industry in 1985. Susan can assist in organizing and digitizing your family documents and photos, including them in your existing family tree and providing a personal DropBox for long term storage and sharing. 

3. Your legacy story - as a writer, media producer, long time genealogy researcher, Susan will weave the fabric of your life and and your ancestors in a sensitive, intuitive and creative video that can be shared with your family.

As a new service, Susan is looking for 3 - 5 clients who would first, be willing to share their legacy story on our web site in return for reduced rates. While the process will be laborious and time consuming, those who have been researching their family for years are well aware of the time commitment. A fresh set of eyes and story teller may be all that is needed to turn your research into a story that can be produced and shared in a format you can be proud of.

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