Why would one DNA test?

Many answers! We have discussed DNA testing with so many people recently, some who say, "I know who my family is, why should I test?"! Well maybe you do and maybe you don't! And maybe, just maybe, your DNA holds the only key to someone else's mystery! 

Why we love this image? We are all as unique and colorful as our DNA says we are. 

Why we love this image? We are all as unique and colorful as our DNA says we are. 

Then there are people who say, I plan to test, but have just not gotten around to it. 

Then there are people who were adopted, had a parent or sibling who was adopted, or a client who discovered their sibling was their half sibling or the client who came from a sperm donor or the client who came from a country where the records were destroyed during wars or the client whose DNA does not match what they have long believed that may go back several generations. In essence, DNA does not add up!  

Then there are the clients who simply want to know their genetic makeup, do they have Native American, African American or other ethnic origins? 

During my stint as Founder and President of JewishGen, it was amazing how many users joined because they felt they were Jewish or believed they had some Jewish ancestry but were not raised in the faith. And then there are clients who believe they descend from an individual but DNA is proving it not to be the case. These tend to be the most difficult.

DNA does indeed hold the answers! One thing for certain, after being involved in DNA for genealogical purposes since 2001, we know it does not lie. 

For example, a new found cousin who tested a few months back recently said, "I just tested to know my genetic makeup. I thought there might be some unknown ethnic origins!" This individual had no idea they were in essence "paying it forward" to solving an 89 year old mystery. WOW! A feel good moment, no doubt.

So on the heels of our recent find outlined in a blog of a few days ago, it seemed like a natural thing to do. To provide a one stop place for you to ORDER DNA KITS, whether it is from one or all the testing companies, AncestryDNA, FamilyTree DNA, MyHeritage DNA and 23andMe. They are each as unique as our DNA! 

And because we are adamant of the importance for everyone to DNA test, whether for your own edification or even to just pay it forward, for two days only, we are offering a FREE EMAIL consult for anyone who is uncertain as to what DNA kit to order. 

Let's get it done!