“Susan is a visionary and a motivator. She inspired us to develop new and exciting projects. She is an inspirational motivational speaker and I have seen an audience rise up and cheer her at the conclusion of a presentation. Susan was the heart and soul of JewishGen for whom I worked for almost 12 years. Susan will be a valuable asset to any group with which she associates. She is loyal, honest, conscientious, and admired by her peers.” 

“Susan’s vision, dedication and direction excited me to join in her internet efforts to create a world wide grass roots effort to explore the genealogical relationships between people who knew their familial connections and those who were discovering them for the first time. She has the unique ability and marketing skills to light a small flame and attract those with similar interests which ultimately result in the project turning into a bonfire of success.”

“Susan is extremely knowledgeable in her area, and interacts the way we like: very fast! We had a very productive relationship during the last 8 years.”  

“Susan started the world's largest Jewish genealogical website from her kitchen table in Texas. So great was her influence that she was able to man the website with an all volunteer team. While my personal contact with Susan has been minimal, others higher up in the organization have shared their intimate tales of her special qualities --and I confess I lapped up these stories with the great eagerness of an acolyte. One thing is sure: whatever Susan endeavors to undertake will be seen to fruition with aplomb, and without losing sight of the necessity to do the work with heart and humanity.” 

“I worked with Susan while she was at JewishGen, Inc. as a legal service provider for almost 12 years. Susan's gift is her ability to see the big picture of a project and coordinate what is necessary to bring it to fruition. Additionally, she has a wonderful eye for detail and is able to plan large scope projects and foresee issues and costs. I would heartily recommend her as a loyal and trusting person with whom to work.”

“Beginning with only a vision of what could be and the crude collaboration systems of that era, Susan attracted a critical mass of members, managed the tone of discussion, enlisted volunteer engineers and managers, guided the community through multiple generations of technology, deployed a series of funding models to keep the organization solvent, and cut smart business deals. Twenty-one years later, JewishGen is still thriving. It has continued to adapt and evolve even after Susan handed over the reins. That is testimony to her leadership skills.” 

"Her creativity and vision for JewishGen's evolution -- through the challenges of explosive international growth and rapidly changing technology -- were inspiring. Likewise, her unflagging energy, team-building acumen, and passion for making a difference motivated the entire JewishGen community to achieve the extraordinary.”

"Because of your wise tenacity, we have received information about our family that makes us see the world in a newer (slightly adjusted!) way, and ties us more than ever to the inspiration of our mom, Eva, and our Dad, who lived through so much, and whose stories we hadn't the time or foresight to completely absorb or pay heed to before they were compelled to leave us here back on earth.

I have kept what meager documentation there was, and some evidence remains of Eva's correspondence with post-war German authorities to find her birth father.  We may still find evidence of his life and murder in Dachau.

What I'd like to pass on to you was the agonizing way that our Jewish identity was apportioned out to us as we grew up, due in part to my mother's ambivalence about her family, her affection for Berlin (not, I must say, for all of Germany) and her (well-founded) fear, shared with anyone growing up under the Nazis that "the truth will NOT set you free".

In musical terms, when I think of my mom's family, and of her own death, I hear Henryk Gorechi's "Symphony of Sorrrowful Songs".

There are so many things to write about it cannot be done in a simple e-mail.  

Whatever facts come to light, I know who my mom knew she was, despite her instincts, like a frightened cat at times, to "climb to the highest tree" to avoid danger.  It has been our great legacy to remember her, just as she was.""

"I'm speechless. First, thank you for getting back to me. Second, thank you for being who you are, someone who is part my missing family. My father never told me about the tragedies that occurred prior to my being born or, for that matter, that my mother committed suicide when I was four weeks old. Given the deaths of my sister, brother, and mother, I can understand the schism between your father and my father. I am hoping that this divide can be closed. When I first thought about asking Susan to help find out more about my family I noticed on her web site that she dealt in genealogy and healing. I was very suspect about the healing part, but her expertise in dealing with Jewish genealogy was impressive and overwhelmed my concern about healing. I have to admit to being quite wrong. Just knowing your names, knowing you all exist, is filling a hole in me that I didn't know I had."

"I just wanted to say thank you for all of your help with the work on finding my mother and her fate. Hope you and your family have a great holiday season and new year."

"My brother and I began the process for building our family tree a year ago. It was quite easy at first until we hit a brick wall several generations back since the search needed to be continued in Poland. Susan amazed us with how quickly she could uncover information in Poland and has traced our family tree back to 1687. We could not be more pleased with her professionalism and the fair value. We definitely could not have done this research on our own and only wish I would have hired her earlier."

"We are very proud of this emotional victory for our family. Being able to right a wrong after so many years is a great feeling. This could not have been possible without Susan King's help. She is a true professional and excellent at what she does. Thanks to Susan we now know much more about our family history than we ever thought possible. My brother and I were two of the first three applicants to be granted a passport and the right to work and live in the 28 nation European Union by proving to be descendants of Jews who were persecuted in Portugal and Spain".

"Wow, that's a lot of info!"

"Thanks a million, Susan for your help!! Just logged onto Ancestry to find that S*****'s DNA results were posted today, and it confirms him as my first cousin!!!

"I was able to look at your documentation this morning.  Very impressive!  When it comes to genealogists…  I know how to pick ‘em.  Thank you for everything…  from the beginning until now.  You have been most helpful and delightful to work with."

"Susan, this was great work - and fast. Thank you for another job well done!"

"Excellent! Thanks for your work on this one, Susan!"

"Absolutely. Thanks once more for your work here."

"Thanks so much for your diligence and follow through with this! We'll definitely be working together soon."

"Nice work, wow.  I will try to call D***.  Thank you."


Expert Connect (

"Susan is very easy to work with and I will be working with her again in the future."

"Susan was fantastic. Her work was highly competent and fast. She exceeded my expectations in every way. And she was a pleasure to work with."

"Excellent communication; lovely to work with."

"Susan did an outstanding job of getting me past my "brick wall" in the search for my great great grandparents. Several of my family had been researching to find this couple for almost ten years. Her work will allow me to continue my family search on my own. Her communications with me were clear and to-the-point. She did a good job of ferreting out information from me to help her locate my missing ancestor."

"Very professional job. Research was well documented. I would highly recommend this person to others."

"Research accomplished well before deadline. Well-documented research. I would recommend this person to others."

"Very professional, very thorough. Highest recommendations.
Very professional job. I recommend this person to others."

"Excellent! I was very impressed with the information Susan was able to find. It has allowed me to find new new clues into my family's history."

"Very satisfied with researcher. I highly recommend her to others.
Always great to work with."

"Susan was very open and communicative throughout the research process. We were very successful in uncovering unknown relatives through archival research. We are planning to continue the project."

"Has been a pleasure working with you Susan!"

"Terrific feedback, good interchange. Very pleased.!"

"Unbelievably detailed work that was done very quickly. I could not be any more satisfied and will do more work with this expert."

"I am very grateful to Susan for confirming that my Grandfather was the person that I suspected on the US Census report. I am especially pleased that I was united with a distant cousin though Susan's searching for my family."

"Excellent! With Susan's expert help I was able to get information I previously did not know how to find."

"She is exceptional and so very patient with a novice like me. I am so happy I made the correct selection for my project. "

"Excellent work! Susan is thorough and a real professional!"

"Susan kept me in the loop every step of the way with her research and progress. She was very diligent and proactive. I was hesistant to engage in this project because I had been unsucessful in locating information about my ancestor and was skeptical that information could be found. I had hoped that hiring an expert who purportedly had access to better sources and was more knowledgeable of how to obtain such records would be provide better success. This was not the case and there was no single direct relevant information discovered. While I have no concerns that Susan put for the effort as contemplated in the agreement, I received no tangible results from this project."

"Susan has been a pleasure to work with and we are excited to keep digging into our family history with her!"

Susan has been very easy to work with, making good suggestions for me to follow up and helping me make the transition to research in Germany. I certainly will request her help again with other research.

"Very pleased with the work that way done, excellent person to deal with. Thanks many times over."

"This is by far the best person to work with...Fast reliable and very understanding! I wouldn't trade her for the world!"

"Susan truly knows what she's doing. She's communicative and delivered exactly what she says she can. I recommend her highly."

"Susan always produces more than I expect. If she can't find the information needed one way, she'll find it another if it exists. I would recommend Susan to anyone. I wish everyone had her work ethic."

"Found my relatives! Wonderful detective work in an area where there were few leads. Professional job."

We're having a wonderful adventure! Thanks, Susan.

"Susan is doing a great job making progress more quickly than I would have thought possible."

"Susan was a pleasure to work with and helped us answer questions about our family history. I would not hesitate to work with her again."

"Susan is very easy to work with, has extensive contacts and thorough methods. A very pleasant experience and I definitely plan to continue to utilize her expertise."

"Several promising leads have been developed on an ancestors I have spent several years searching for. More research is forthcoming."

"Susan is wonderful to work with - she has helped tremendously with my truncated ancestry lines. She has found some great records for me and helped me connect with my heritage."

"Susan was the very best. She accomplished my goal of locating both and my half-siblings whom I have been looking for since 1974. When I look back on all of the years and energy I spent trying to find them, would highly recommend hiring Susan. God Bless you Susan in maklng it possible to complete my family circle." 

"Susan is simply one of the most outstanding professionals I have ever worked with--she always finds more information than I am expecting to receive. I would have never been able to find all of the information she has located about my ancestors on my own. Considering the quality of Susan's work, it is unbelievable to me how reasonable the fees for her services are."

"Susan has been superb. Very responsive, with great suggestions and willingness to help me sort my way through a complex set of issues."

"Susan did an outstanding job on a very complicated tree with a family history that had some facts correct and some incorrect. I enjoyed working with her and would work with her again in the future if I need her services."

"Susan was lightening fast, accurate, and very personable. I'd certainly recommend her to anyone looking to find a family member with the barest amount of information available. In short, she's a total Rockstar in her field!"

"Susan was very helpful in finding information that was needed as well as information that I was completely unaware of. She has been painting a rich history of my family."

"Obtained what I needed. Susan is a real pro. Thank you!"

"Fantastic person, enjoyed working with her."

"Wonderful work, thank you! Looking forward to learning yet more about my German heritage."

"Was able to access and recommend resources not mentioned by other genealogists that I have dealt with."

"Highly recommend, very accurate and professional."

"We weren't able to identify the original information I needed, but I did get some additional information along the way that was valuable."

"Susan is very knowledgeable and was easy to work with. I would highly recommend her. When I'm ready to move forward again, she will be the expert I hire."

Very thorough research and detailed feedback. Very accommodating and helpful guiding me through the research process.

"Outstanding work!! Excellent attention to detail. Would highly recommend her work to anyone."

"Fantastic is all I can say, she has done a great job. Great working with you, Susan."

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